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Welcome to Veroforge, Home of Vero Beach Florida’s premier source of beautiful and practical garden and patio display art, outdoor benches and furniture. Veroforge has created truly unique pieces of outdoor metal art that will make your garden or patio a distinctive and attractive outdoor scene with stunning outdoor benches.

All of our beautiful artwork is made from heavy gauge steel, zinc primed and powder coated with quality materials. Our Outdoor benches are designed to last many years in the harshest environment while adding character to your home or business here in Vero Beach and where you relax outdoors.

Veroforge offers a line of spectacular loveseat style outdoor benches designed for garden or patio locations. Their beautiful artwork is designed as a structural part of the bench itself. The outdoor bench is constructed of quarter-inch thick steel and uses a computer controlled cutting process which allows incredible detail to be precision cut into our unique designs. Each bench has wide feet to optimize positioning on the soft ground of a garden or the hard surface of a patio. Each bench you see is primed and powder coated to your color REQUIREMENTS for many years of outdoor life.

If you are looking for something very special to have in your home or business that says “you have the heart of an artist”, you have come to the right place. And that place is Veroforge. Welcome, and enjoy perusing our creations which will not only give you years of enjoyment, but will be passed down in your family for generations.

Please keep in mind that all our artwork is customizable in color to accommodate your taste and needs. If you have any questions please give us a call. We would love to speak with you.


You haven’t experienced peace and tranquility until you’ve seen the great outdoors while sitting in an artistic piece of patio furniture. Made from the finest of natural materials, these patio benches will create an atmosphere of luxury and class. Impress your friends or simply impress yourself; this furniture is great for a party or a quiet, contemplative evening alone with a good book. Good patio furniture and benches helps make outdoor memories that last forever and we help you create those memories.

We are the number one leading patio and outdoor furniture source in Vero Beach. We make sure the customer’s satisfaction is always 100%.

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