About Us

Walt Tyler and his staff of skilled craftsmen founded Veroforge in 2013. We chose Vero Beach, Florida for our location because of its beauty and population of very artsy folks. Coming from the land of snow and ice in the Northeast, Walt had enough of shoveling snow and falling on his backside on the ice.

From a historical perspective, Walt initiated the founding of the Dynatorch Corporation in 2003. He did this after going almost totally blind. Dynatorch is a company that manufactures computer controlled plasma cutting equipment. This company was one of those examples where a highly successful enterprise started in a homeowners garage (Walt’s). Walt retired from Dynatorch as managing director after Dynatorch had sold thousands of their plasma cutting machines to countries all over the world. If anyone ever tells you a person with a severe handicap cannot start a business from scratch in our wonderful America and be successful beyond his wildest dreams, you just tell them about Dynatorch.

While at Dynatorch, in his scant spare time, Walt created various artworks of a practical nature. Very ornate mailboxes, security lights, awnings etc. were the order of the day. Walt was familiar with Computer Aided Design electronic software from before he went blind. With the aid of some wonderful software and electronics created to aid the blind, Walt was able to still utilize his previously acquired skills with Computer Aided Design tools. He now uses those skills not just to design mechanical parts for industry but, to create art in many forms.

Veroforge has opened its doors with the sale of decorative, unique and very practical garden and patio benches. In the near future we will be releasing our entire library of artwork that we hope you will find attractive enough to put in your home or office.

God bless America