• Butterfly Bench

    Butterfly metal benchImagine this beautiful piece of furniture in your garden or patio. The magnificent mirrored butterflies provide a spectacular bench backrest. The butterflies’ wings curl around you or your guests, giving all a surprisingly comfortable and sturdy seat. Your guests will be wrapped inside a beautiful piece of art giving your garden or patio a distinctive character. This Butterfly Bench will provide a place for many memories for you and your guests whether at home or business.

  • Tropical Celebration Bench

    Tropical Palm Tree metal benchWhat would your dream of the tropics be; of course, a vision of beautiful flowers and Palm trees. Here is a piece of furniture that celebrates both. This bench, sitting in your garden or patio, would add a tropical flavor to your home or business. People will go out of their way to sit in it just to enjoy the ambience. This is the perfect item to acquire for your garden or patio to make it unique.

  • Leaves and Ladybugs Bench

    Leaves Ladybugs metal benchWhat can be more typical for your garden or patio than a beautiful display of ivy leaves drawn artistically? Additionally, there are lady bugs walking about enjoying the scenery.
    This bench is capped off with a Robin showing its’ beautiful form. A bench like this would not only be comfortable for your guests to admire the scenery of your home and add a unique, beautiful, and utilitarian asset to your home or business.

  • Mirrored Dragon Bench

    Dragon metal benchWhat a magnificent display; two medieval dragons displaying their might and presence in your home or garden. We wanted to create for you something different yet with its’ own character and splendor. This bench is designed to catch the eye of everyone who either sits on it or walks by. It is truly a unique piece of art that will add distinction to any location.

Sailfish Bench

Sailfish metal bench

If your garden, patio or walkway could use a touch of the sea, this bench is for you. Two beautiful sailfish leap from the sea and are poised over a ship’s wheel. You can almost feel the wind and smell the ocean as the sea gulls soar and dive among the waves. What better way to remind yourself of the deep blue sea than with this beautiful piece of art that will add a unique presence to your home or business no matter where it is placed.

ALL BENCHES $1595.00 Quantity Discounts Available

Our Benches are approximately 5 feet wide, 30 inches deep and 46 inches high providing plenty of room for two of your largest guests. It is constructed of quarter-inch thick structural steel that is welded into a solid unit. No nuts or bolts, rivets or anything else to work loose over time. It has wide feet that give stability on soft ground or the hardest patio surface. Should you desire to bolt the bench to the ground, holes in the feet are provided.


These benches have a baked on zinc primer and is finished with a coat of tough, wear resistant powder coating that is available in a variety of colors.


All of our benches are finished to our customers’ color taste. They are crated and shipped from Vero Beach, Florida to your home or business.


Size 5 Feet Wide. 30 Inches Deep, 47 Inches High Weight 175 lbs